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Python Downloads

To code in Python, you must install Python before you can begin.  Install Python from


You also need a Python text editor (Integrated Development Environment or IDE).  The Mu editor is the easiest to use with PyGame Zero, CircuitPython and micro:bit.  It communicates directly with the circuit boards to download code.  Download the Mu IDE from


Download the LEGO Education SPIKE Prime software from


The EV3 is coded using Microsoft Visual Studio Code ( ).

Learn Python with PyGame Zero

Lego EV3 and Spike

CircuitPython (Adafruit CPX, Crickit and Metro M4 Circuit Boards)

Adafruit has produced a range  of circuit boards that are coded in CircuitPython, an offshoot of MicroPython (  The Circuit Playground Express (CPX), Circuit Playground Bluefruit, Crickit and Metro M4 Airlift boards are only some of their CircuitPython boards.


CircuitPython is supported very well by Adafruit and they have an amazing learning system with documentation and CircuitPython example code for all their products.  Almost all peripheral devices can be purchased cheaply on AliExpress and other supplier sites (see the Digital Equipment list)

BBC micro:bit

See for information on coding the micro:bit in Python.


However, there is limited documentation on attaching peripherals such as sensors, motors and servos to the micro:bit.


There are many third-party manufacturers who have developed robotics kits (including Kitronics, DF Robot, Adafruit and Grove).  However, virtually all the coding is done in block coding, particularly MakeCode (see the Block Coding page).


There are very few code samples in Python, and the coding is almost always difficult.